The "Britain's Got Talent" judges have just rejected a group of kids auditioning for the 2011 series and now Ronan Parke has to walk out onto the empty stage, alone. With an audience of thousands and three intimidating judges, it is his first public performance. "He's a boy of 12, and it's a big experience, so it takes a lot of courage," says his mother, Maggie, in a pre-audition interview. "When he gets on stage, I'll just be really pleased that he's doing something that he wants to do and hope that people like him." 
People didn't like him, they loved him. Parke is less than a minute into his cover of Michael Bublé's "Feeling Good" when the entire audience stands up, applauding. Parke seems to gain confidence from the audience's reaction and by the end of the song, his clear voice has the judges on their feet and cheering. After Parke receives high praise and three yes votes, judge Louis Walsh declares that Parke "is the one to beat."

Parke actually finished "Britain's Got Talent" as the runner up by a very narrow margin, but the show did land him a recording contract. His debut album, "Ronan Parke," reached 22 on the UK Albums Chart just a few months after the show aired. 

Now 17, Parke has finished school and is focusing on writing his own music and developing a new sound. "I've never been involved with songwriting heavily, however I'm really enjoying working on MY music," he writes at "I'm making it my own and can't wait to be in the studio working with some incredibly talented people to help develop that sound." 

His most recent release is a cover of "Purple Rain," a tribute to the late Prince.